Q: What should we wear for our portrait session? A: I would bring along AT LEAST 3 outfits. Wear something comfortable, that you can have fun in but still look good. A dressier outfit is also great. For couples, try not to match your clothes (like jeans and white tees) unless you do that on a regular basis, then I am totally fine with it! Your session is a great excuse to go shopping! Most importantly, wear things that YOU like.

Q: Do you have backup equipment? A: Definitely! I bring backups of everything and LOTS of spare batteries.

Q: What camera do you shoot with? A:I am currently using the Nikon D700 full frame camera as my main camera. Nikon cameras and glass are very durable and incredibly sharp. Plus I like the name, Nikon ;)

Q : How many photos do we get for our wedding? A : I shoot a LOT of images. This is your big day and I try and captrue every moment of it. Out of all the images, I deliver the best 400-600 shots.

Q: Do you shoot weddings alone? A: This all depends on the level of investment. If needed, I will bring an assistant and or second photographer.

Q: How many black and white photos will we get? A: About 10% of the entire body of images will be black and white. I love color but sometimes moments are more powerful when presented without color.

Q: Do you retouch your photos? A: Yes. All of the images from a session are brought into Adobe Lightroom for organizing, and edited for color, contrast, sharpness, etc. I will also custom edit any outstanding images through Photoshop CS5.

Q: When will our photos be ready? A: Regular portrait sessions within 3 weeks. Weddings within 6-8 weeks.

Q: Can you make everything black and white but the flowers in color? A: Yes, but I won't... Sorry.

Q: How do you store the images and for how long? A: I have several backup drives that protect your photos. your images will be kept safe and sound on an online gallery 6 months after we deliver the disc/flashdrive. After that, if you want another disk/flashdrive or a change in a photo, I charge an additional fee for searching through the archives to locate.

I hope that these help satisfy your main questions! If you still have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me!